Friday, 30 November 2007

Haiku three verse, three person composed poems

red brown rumpled chair
a crumpled autumn sleeping -
curled up tabby cat.

Lay. sunkissed in sand
foam tipped satin before me.
A darkening sky.

This grey october
yellow leaves on the fire pile
succumb to the rain

black out on the lough
biting air distills the sense -
held close we shudder

hot bread coming out
sweet aroma of home time
dough-filled air a map/shout

children in the park
sparkling glass house a backdrop
laughter lifts the air

there a starry dock
angular shadows surround
hiding the lobsters

home. an unfixed place
it stays the same but changes
when cold i fly south

chimneys. burnt orange sky
makes silhouettes of starlings
slicing apple pie

bark now black from flame
embers refusing to glow -
this chance missed this time

cradled waiting to
begin breathing, cold water
on face and life slapped

moon on silver sand
silhouettes the lone figure
sea wave. eyes. undressed

soup bubbling orange
dark room. her mind elsewhere now
cold night falls down still

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